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Let’s Get Things Straight

I just want to point out a few things, following a rather irritating email I received criticizing my site. I quote it here, followed by my rebuttle:

“I’ve just visited your website. Why should you think agents and publishers anymore likely to visit it, than they are to read/accept written submissions? Will they want to wade through unknown webpages anymore than they want to wade through unknown printed pages? The idea that they should pay a fee for picking somebody out will turn them right off! I will be convinced when I see some welcoming comments from ‘reputable’ publishers or agents. Otherwise it seems to me that those with fame, celebrity or any other obvious commercial offering do not need to use your site, while those with none of these ‘qualities’ to offer, but who assume they offer talent, will be no better off than if they continue to take part in the present submissions lottery. Apart from what seems to me a potentially dangerous raising of hopes, I note that, like so many sites offering entry to a ‘successful’ literary career, you seem to be heavily linked to those magic tutors who can teach – ‘you, anybody’ – to write. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ll need some convincing.”

And my reply was:

“Thank you for taking the time to write, and thank you for your comments. I
also want to point out that I am not trying to convince you, or anyone
else of the merits of this site. That is entirely down to every indivudal
who visits. If they like then that’s good. If they don’t, then that is not
a problem to me.

Firstly, I’m not tied to anybody. I’m a single individual who thought they
might try to offer an alternative way for authors and publishers/agents to
meet. I welcome anyone who wants to promote whatever they do in the
literary field, providing it appears to benefit, to my eyes, anyone else
in the field. Perhaps you are referring to (a) the google-ads in the
sponsored links area, and (b) the feature on Nick Daws. What can I say?
Some people have used Nick’s services and appreciate what he has done from
them. I have never used his services, and have never met him; nor does he
sponsor me or this site. Google-ads are just google-ads.

This site is not intended to wholly replace any existing means of
comunication – it is simply an alternative. If no-one chooses to use it
then there will be no more to be said.

What fees are you talking about? I ask for volluntary contributions only;
I simply set what I believe are reasonable suggestions of how much those
contributions might be. This is not a formal business here, and if no-one
donates then I will continue to run the site for as long as I can, for
those people who continue to use it.

As to the raising of hopes, how are they raised more than by the current
method of sending a submission to an agent on spec., and waiting in the
hope they will not send a rejection slip by return? One possible advantage
of this method is that the author has no costs such as postage to provide,
and a benefit to an agent is that, should they chose to switch to
electronic rather than postal submissions, their desk-clutter could be
reduced. Those who insist on hard-copy submissions will not use this site,
and I wish them well. Those who already make use of electronic submissions
could find the number of emails received is reduced. Instead they could
visit Let’s Get Published and navigate to a genre of their choice and see
if, on the off-chance, there is someone worthy of attention. The choice is
open to all.

I offer no guarantees to anyone, and no-one should expect any. This is not
a pay-site, and is run entirely by myself for the benefit of anybody who
wishes to avail themselves of it. I do not specifically promote any one
individual. I do not offer editing or revision services, though that is an
option I reserve. For the present I simply expand on the options currently
available to authors out there.

I hope this will provide adequate answer to any questions anyone is faced with on my behalf


April 2, 2007 - Posted by | Put the Record Straight

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  1. Sounds to me like the person who sent you this e mail is suffering from a severe case of sour grapes or “I wish I’d thought of that.” Their loss!!

    Comment by Loraine | April 2, 2007 | Reply

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