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The Strawberry Fairies Save Sandcastle Island

Authors come in all shapes and sizes, and they write in all genre, yet every famous name you can mention has begun in the smallest of ways, struggling for recognition, honing their talents, refining their craft. For some the goal of publication never comes, but for others that most magical of moments arrives when they are offered a pen, and a piece of paper, and hear the words ‘Just sign here.’ They’ve made it! If you later ask their secret they will, almost to a person, reply that determination and never giving up are their requisites to success – and now it’s happened for Linda Eschler.

 Linda Eschler is the author of The Strawberry Fairies Save Sandcastle Island, the first in a new series of delightful stories for children, issued through Publish America. The tale revolves around the adventures of two impish fairies, Quinn and Gabriel, who come across the wicked Captain McNasty, as unpleasant a character as the ubiquitous Hook. Needless to say, things turn out for the best in the end, but Quinn and Gabriel, children of the King and Queen of the island, must overcome many obstacles to reach a happy ending! A delightful read that took me back to magical moments in my own childhood, when I would lose myself in the prose of Blyton, or even earlier listening to tales at my mothers’ knee. Wonderful stuff for the children! Linda has been a registered member of Let’s Get Published since March 2007, and has contributed extracts from The Strawberry Fairies Save Sandcastle Island, as well as from some of her other works, all of which can be reviewed at Let’s Get Published is a web portal for authors of fiction and non-fiction to present their work to editors, literary agents, and publishers through the medium of the world wide web. The service is free of charge, and welcomes writers of all genre. Nigel.


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  1. Nigel, enjoying your Prism so far (birthday gift from Julie my daughter) but could not access your own site from Google which drives my Sky. useful info?

    Comment by Michael Dear | August 7, 2008 | Reply

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