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What Other People Think of LGP

I thought it might be useful to show what other people think of Let’s Get Published, so here are a few unsolicited comments:


  liked your site & joined while I was there. "



  site for publishing articles, I wish I knew something about
  it too:))"



  good resource for those seeking to be published. It was
  really easy to navigate and find my way around. Lots of
  information was provided too! Good luck to you here."



  site, pages opened quickly - friendly feel. Great theme,
  hope it works and wish you lots of success."



  excellent site for the budding or published author to
  showcase their work."



  your own reviews, free traffic at



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Favourite/Favorit Links

These are some links to sites and blogs that I enjoy.

Let’s Get Published – the web portal for wrtiers, editors, literary agents, and publishers – ok, this is MY site, so you can’t say I’m being disingenuous! – fab educational site for parents and kids aged 5 – 7 – direct file sharing from your own PC – my partner’s blog, alternatively on – my good friend Sandy’s website, which does what it says in the title – blogsite of Nick Daws, author and publisher of many really useful books – blogsite of Susan Harris, who lives an idyllic life in Wales as a published author. Suzie is forum manager for the world’s largest writing resource site, – but despite that she seems a really nice, approachable person! You should visit her blog, and from there her websites. AND she’s a member of Let’s Get Published! What a nice lady! 🙂

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